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How to Use Gi Coil

How to Use Gi Coil

Gi coils which are also called as galvanized steel coils are produced for several applications that need corrosion resistance. These coils are zinc coated that protects them from rusting, lengthening its life. These are commonly used in outdoor construction and roofing as it acts as a barrier protecting the ridges and valleys from the watershed. Due to its long life and appealing finish, it is desired by many of the manufacturers. Gi coil suppliers in UAE make different kinds of galvanized steel coils, the hot rolled coil, the cold-rolled coil and the acid washed steel coil. Hot rolled coils are used in large size products as they need distinct shapes; whereas, cold-rolled coil are made from hot rolled coils by reducing their thickness. These are generally used in producing smaller products which are more durable and tolerant.

Gi coils are prepared by rolling the flat steel stock into coils. Gi coil suppliers in UAE offers these galvanized steel coils in various dimensions from 6 inches to 24 inches wide and when rolled out long it can range up to 10 feets. These can be put to use after performing fabrication procedures. Fabrication incorporates metal manufacturing processes to get the desired shape and sIze by performing actions like material removal or material deformation. Fabrication includes following techniques.

• Shearing

This procedure is also known as die cutting. This entails the cutting of a steel sheet by applying force to the material causing it stress and ultimately it will separate at the cut location. Then the cut blades are curved by further processes like blanking, piercing, roll slitting and trimming.

• Slitting

The slitting process involves cutting a wide coil into a number of narrow coils. The coils are placed lengthwise and passed through the circular blades of a slitter. These blades are designed according to the type and thickness of material and the tolerance that must be held while slitting.

• Forming

Forming is the procedure of deforming the steel by applying a great force without cutting it. This is helpful when a sheet needs to be bent and stretched into several shapes. To get the desired shapes and curves, sheet forming includes many types of procedure such as bending, roll forming, spinning, deep drawing and stretch forming.

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