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Crock pots are very useful cooking appliances; they are generally referred to as lifesavers in the kitchen. When using it, you get the opportunity to cook delicious meals while going about your other activities. Crock pots come in varying costs, functions, sizes, shapes etc. Crock pots are also called slowcookers though not all slow cookers are crock pots. See more.

Choosing the best crock pot for you truly relies on what you plan to utilize it for.

However, before choosing the best crock pot or slow cooker for you there are some things to consider so that you can use it happily for years to come. Some of them are:


Standard slow cookers are usually round or oval in shape. The question of which is the best one is yet to be genuinely answered. You have to consider what you would prefer to cook in the slow cooker and let it direct the shape you would pick.

You can buy small slow cookers; or youcan buy a really big one. If you have a small household, or don’t like having leftovers and you have no problem scaling down recipes, a smaller 3-to 4- quart slow cooker will be suitable for you. While many recipes for slow cooking are meant for the average-sized slow cooker ;(about 6 quarts),  it is the recommended one for starters. Perhaps you may like/have to double recipes and cook for a larger crowd, so you definitely have to go for a bigger one.


The larger percentages of slow cookers have a base that cosily covers a detachable insert. Theheating component is sometimesfound on thebottom of base, at other times thecomponent canbe found on the side of the base as well (this gives room for more even heat distribution).

Others have a crock that sits on top of the heating unit, this way, heat is notequallydistributed and you will have to stirthe food you’re cooking more frequently to prevent , a contradiction to the supposed basic function of a slow cooker.


A crock pot with a timer, digital or choices between pre-set cooking times is usually preferred tothe ones without timers as they are more helpful. In case youare usuallyat home to turnoff your slow cooker at the appropriate time, having an in-built timer in your slow cooker helps to save you the stress and prevent your food from overcooking and becoming mushy.


A slow cooker that has both its heating unit and crock fused together is not easy to clean. Opting for a crock that is easily removable for simple cleaning really pays off at the end of the day.

Other factors to consider are the cover/lid material, warming capacity, sear function, etc.


Although, there are also metal crocks, ceramic and porcelain crock pots are more popular choices. They all conduct heat very well, so it up to you to choose the best crock pot of your choice. Visit this site: http://www.harvesttimelawns.com/.