Grooming Tips For Your Pet Dogs

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There can be no two opinions that our little furry friends look cute and lovely in their own unique ways. One look at their adorable faces and our heart gets stolen even before we realize it. As if this wasn’t enough, their naughty antics mesmerize us and take us to just another fluffy world. They become even more irresistibly adorable when groomed properly.

But proper grooming may not be possible at home. It also takes a lot of time and effort if not done by an experienced person. Hence need of pet shop in Dubai arises. Pet Shops in Dubai offer a wide range of options and styles to groom your pets. Some of the most famous ones are as follows:


  •         Proper bathing and cleaning: A proper bath routine takes more than we can imagine. There are many things which need to be kept in mind while bathing your pets like not spraying water directly on eyes, nose or ears. The shampoo too needs of good quality and according to your pet’s coat and breed because a right type of shampoo makes them even more fluffy and soft. The cleaning routine includes cutting nails, cleaning ears, etc.
  •         De-matting and brushing: Matted hairs are not only unsightly but also not good for your pet’s skin and coat. Proper and regular de-matting and brushing helps in keeping the fur fluffy and good looking. It also makes the pets feel comfortable.
  •         Hair cut and hairstyles: Nowadays, even dogs are given stylish haircuts and hair styles according to their fur, breed and desired look. Various hair accessories and wigs are used to make the pets look even more adorable and funny. These accessories are specially designed in such a way that pets don’t feel uncomfortable or bugged.
  •         Clothes and costumes: Just like hairstyles, now pet clothes also come in wide range or quirky varieties. Whether you wish to make your pet look like a mini panda or a four legged spider man, you can get costumes for your pets in any shape and size. Many pet shops also offer the option of customization.

Pet Corner offers a wide variety of pet grooming accessories and clothes to make your furry friends make even more lovely and adorable.