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Best ways to keep your house warm during winter

Worried about the chilly winter nights? Well it is an easy task all you need to do is to read this article from Dubai curtains shops and follow the tips to keep your home warm in the winters:

Use tin foil

This is one good way to prevent any unnecessary heat loss from the radiators, especially those that are attached to external walls. By placing heat reflective aluminium foil behind radiators, you can make the heat stay. The foil prevents heat disappearing from the walls by reflecting the heat back into the room. You can also buy foil that is specially designed for this purpose and it is an affordable way to keep your home warm during winter.

Let the light in

Let the sunlight in room get ample sunlight during the day. It is important that you use ample amount of natural - and free – heat! This, you can get from sunlight. So get it as much as possible. For this, keep your window shades and curtains open during the day. Closing the curtains when dusk falls and you can enjoy the warmth all night.

Control the escape

The first thing you need to keep your home warm is by not letting the heat being lost up the chimney. There are houses with fireplaces as decorative item. Consider having a chimney balloon which will prevent the chimney heat from escaping. Though it is inexpensive, a chimney balloon works like a wonder.

Thick curtains

One of the most popular ways to keep home warm in Dubai is Curtains! Buy thick curtains that protect your house in the winter by preventing the heat escape from the windows. If you wish to go for a cheaper option then you can buy curtains with a thermal lining. “The thicker is the better during winter,” remember this and stay cosy!

If you are looking for good options to keep your space warm during the winters then visit Leeds Furnishings in Dubai. It is the best place to buy curtains in Dubai. We are the best curtains shop in Dubai who supply wide variety of curtains in different fabrics.

7 Tips To Keep The Glass Tabletop Updated

If you have been too keen to start a dining table makeover or if you want to redecorate your living room space with innovative glass design ideas, then Huzefa glass will be the right choice for tabletop decoration. Painting or refurbishing the glass tabletop can bring about the desired change, but for better results, you can also use the coordinated colors or a combination of mix and match varieties to get the best results.

7 ways to update the look of the glass table top:

  • Use the color of the tabletops that match with the color of the folding doors Dubai: There are many pastel shades which you can use in the design of the transparent tabletops, and for better interior decoration, you can also match the color of the doors and windows inside a room, along with the color of the table tops.
  • Huzefa glass is available in many colors: You can simply paint the table top with white color, or else, you can also install the thin glass shades and layers on the top of the table. This will make the table top look refurnished.

  • Use fiber glass, stained glass or etched glass to decorate the tabletop: You can use numerous varieties of etched glass, stained glass or fiber glass to redecorate the old tabletop. These are high quality glass varieties and they also do not break, develop cracks, or even chip off easily.
  • Using frosted glass to decorate the table tops can be a great idea: It does not matter whether you want to install plain glass or frosted glass, you can use both varieties with ample lighting arrangement to give an all new look to the dining table. You can also decorate your rooms with folding doors Dubai, and to get a more contemporary look for the interiors, you can use the combination of folding doors, and refurbished glass table tops.
  • Experiment with bold shades if you want a gorgeous look for the interior: If you want a more gorgeous look for the interiors, then you can use dark glass shades, or use glass paint and create innovative designs on two or three corners of the table top.
  • Use a combination of glass and sheet metal: You can also make use of sheet metals along with glass on one side, to get a beautiful refurbished effect for the table top.
  • Use burnished wood hidden under plain glass sheets to update the table top: If your table is made of burnished wood color like brown or black, then you can use glass or metallic sheets on the table top, to get a marvelous effect.

There are many ways in which you can experiment with the table top designs. For better results, you can use glasses in contrast colours also.

Interior Designing Vs Interior Decorating Vs Interior Redesign Vs Home Staging

Classic Home Interior Design Layout

People who want their houses to get a makeover often get confused between Interior Designing, Interior Redesigning, Home Staging, and Interior Decorating. Interior Designers in Dubai provide the differences between all these terms that you can refer to anytime there is a need. It is the time to know the differences between these terms to choose the right process for your house. Each process has its pros and cons, thus take a deliberate decision in this regard rather than a hasty one.

  •       Interior Designing-

Interior designing is related to preparing documents for preparing the interior spaces in the house during the makeover. The role of interior designers is to prepare the blueprints for power, lighting and communication points. The Interior Designers in Dubai check the materials used for the design and approve the final product. Interior designers plan the work for the workmen and guide them to get the best result.

Interior Designers in Dubai

Interior Designers in Dubai


  •       Interior Decorating-

Interior decorators take care of the furniture, fabric, wall paints, and the décor. Interior Decorators take into consideration all the lifestyle preferences of the client, thereby giving a personal touch to the house. Interior Decorators create themes for the room so as to bring life to your preferences.

  •       Home Staging-

Providing the best property to buyers and getting the most value out of it is important for a seller. To attract buyers for the house, clients hire out the Interior Designing Companies in Dubai. They remove the personal pictures of the client, to make sure that a new buyer would have all the scope for personalizing the house. Home staging experts give the house a proper enhancement along with a positive ambiance.


  •       Interior Redesigning-

The process is same as that of the home staging process. But here, the clients do not pitch their house for sale. Existing furniture and belongings with little enhancement is used to improve the quality of the house. It is primarily done to increase the appeal of the house for personal use. Interior Redesigners give a subtle makeover to the house at minimum cost, within a short period.

Differences between all these terms need to be kept in mind to get the proper value for your money. If you plan on selling the house, keep in mind not to make any changes to the existing space, as it would be a waste of money if the buyer wishes to personalize it by themselves. Interior Designers in Dubai provide all kinds of solutions to the clients at best possible budget and the best results.

What color of blind will go with navy blue set up in dining area.

Blinds in Dubai

Picking the right blinds is important to coordinate with the set up of your dining room. The process may seem difficult for a naive person. But you can draw inspiration by researching ideas. 

In this guide, we will help you find the most perfect blinds that will suit your dining area that is done in navy blue.

Most people consider their kitchen as the starting point for the entire interior design of the entire home. Therefore, while working on new construction or while selecting colors for a home, the colorization scheme of the kitchen is considered first. This is because the cabinetry choice of the kitchen will have an effect on the other woods used for flooring and molding.  Next in line comes the dining room. The color  blue can be a very bold choice for setting up your dining room.

The most popular roller blinds in Dubai, is here with some interior design tips that will help you break the mold of common misconception that navy blue is not ideal for your dining room. Follow them and change the the rules!

Blinds in Dubai

Blinds in Dubai

Let the nature inspire you:

  • Inspired by Nature

It is a fact that the color blue offers a great array of shades and each hue has its own appeal. If your dining room is set up in navy blue, you can choose bling by drawing inspiration from the nature. You can go for light colors like white or cream and recreate the sky-clouds theme.  You can also choose soothing gray-sage walls. This will give the blue set up a center stage. You can go for light colored roller blinds for your Dubai home’s dining area.  The overall look will be very appealing and striking. It is also very relaxing.

  • Make a Bold Statement with Dashing Dark Beauty

This is for people who don’t really think that light colors are their statement. You can experiment with the darker and deeper variants of blue. Navy blue is a shade that can almost delve into gray or deep matte purple. Such a look can work wonders if you are looking forward to create a subtle yet sophisticated backdrop. This can make for a cozy, formal dining room. The bold background and darker shade of blinds will go very well with matching wall art and decor. Everything together can help in achieving unique architectural features.

  • A Captivating Backdrop

Gray and blue is a match made in the interior designing heaven! The combination is mesmerising and classy. You can enjoy the beauty of this classic combination by using gray blinds for your dining room done in navy blue. The blue setting will let your dining room stand out while the gray blinds add a statement.


World Famous Books For Pet Lovers


The movies and the books have always crafted a memorable picture in our hearts and so by reading the animal books we can feel the real filling of animals through their point of view. Below is the list of the top few famous books for the pet lovers also available in online pet store in Dubai:

  • Black Beauty by Anna Sewell: - This novel was published in 1877. This book brought a new trend in animal stories as was the first one to be written on animal’s point of view. It is regarding the life full of adventure of a horse in 19th Century in England. The horse was named after the shiny black coat and also has a white star on the forehead and a single white hoof.
  • Marley & Me by John Grogan: - This was published in 2005, a book full of comedy of errors. We all know all dogs can’t be trained to perfect as we are our self, not a perfect one. The book revolves around a Labrador who got the name from the singer Bob Marley and grows from a cute little puppy to a not so obedient dog and how the life of his master’s family is bitten by his stricken features. A movie was also made of the same name starring Owen Wilson and Jenifer Aniston, which of course was a blockbuster

  • Life of Pi by Yann Martel: - This one was a young boy and a Bengal tiger got stuck on a lifeboat after their ship sank. Published in 2001, this one is a fantasy adventure which will make a mark in your heart for a long time. The same was also been made to a movie with the same name and again the result is a blockbuster.
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein: - This one was not written just for kids. It is a dog named Enzo and written in the dog’s point of view. Here the dog describes his feeling about our habits and behavior. So time uses humorous tone to criticize us. From the first sentence, you will fall in love with the novel.
  • Dewey by Bret Witter & Vicki Myron: - This is a tale of 19 years course of the life of a library cat and how it charms everyone with its lively character. Publishers in September 2008, the book is about the life of the cat in Spencer Public Library, in Spencer and the journey how.

There are numerous other books on different animals which you can easily get from pets shop in Dubai, so get a copy of your choice now if you think you are the most caring pet lover.

How curtains can enhance any event or wedding

Curtains in Dubai

We all have been to thousands of weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, cocktail parties, *let’s celebrate for no reason* party; what do all these parties have in common? An amazing venue. And the venue is only complimented due to the bedazzling decor. No matter how lavish the venue is, they are usually draped in the elegant curtain in Dubai, which are available with leading retailers like Leeds Furnishing. Here are some points to explain how curtains and drapes help in enhancing any event:

  • Aesthetic Value: While, the sole intention of a person who attends the wedding should be to congratulate the bride and groom, the majority of the populace is seen to participate in these events for the arrangement and food. Curtains, drapes, and upholstery are the most important aspects of any décor. The addition of this component can make a small place look extraordinary. In the end, what matters is how beautiful the venue looks.[
  • A heap of Options : From subtle colors of cream and coffee to neon prints and bright drapes, we find a huge variety of curtains in Dubai. Along with a spectrum to choose from, furnishing companies like Leeds furnishing, etc. also offer different fabrics from long lengths of silky curtains to heavy upholstery to give the venue a palace-like look.
Curtains in Dubai

Curtains in Dubai

  • Cost-effective: Everybody knows that floral arrangements cost a bomb. Decorations with lights and fire can be beautiful yet hazardous. The safest and the most economical route to go is with curtains. It avoids the hassles of dealing with the freshness of flower problems and fire hazard *ha-ha*. What have we learned from movies? If you want a grand wedding, drape yourself and the venue in bright colors and obviously co-ordinate. 
  • Multi-purpose fabric: Many times we’ve all witnessed that the wedding party utilizes the drapes and curtains in different styles. While some use it as a table cloth, others use it to drape themselves! *just kidding*. Fabric proves to be very flexible and hassle-free in all possible applications. 

Curtains and drapery play a bigger role in wedding venues than we can imagine. It enhances not only the ambiance but also the spirits of people. An excellent décor can change any average wedding venue to a dream destination. While, food, wine, and people are the relevant entities of a wedding, an excellent décor with the right drapery is a cherry on the cake!

Happy wedding!


Amazing ideas for window treatment

Shades Dubai

Windows are an important part of our home decor. We usually adorn our windows with majestic curtains but it you want to try something new, here are some unique ideas from companies like Leeds Furnishing for adorning your windows with various shades in Dubai:

  •         Gunny bag curtains

There is always room for innovation when it comes to windows. You can opt for doing it yourself (DIY) jute gunny bag or coffee bean bag curtains. Put you creative mind at work; paint, stitch or add beads and frills. Your low budget yet classy curtains are ready. Plus their premium texture of goes well with every room’s decor.

  •         Experiment with curtains

If you like experimenting with fabrics and color shades in Dubai, you can change your curtains regularly at fixed intervals. You can choose different patterns, contrasting colors and panel covering each time you feel the need to redecorate your windows. Your creativity will certainly lead you to find something exciting and beautiful representing various shades of Dubai.

Shades Dubai

Shades Dubai


        Add stuff toys to the panel

Stuff toys bring joy to the surroundings. They please everyone and create an aura of happiness. You can choose stuff toys to match the color theme of your window curtains. This will give the room a lively feel, enhance the decor and give you a sense of coziness and comfort. Plus they make the room full and lively.

  •         Best out of waste always works

Whether it is an art project or home decor, best out of waste always works. You can use waste beads, streamers, and even lighting or all of these together to compliment your curtains. Using string of beads and lighting are two of the most popular and efficient options for an elegant decor. One added benefit is that your old decor which you love so dearly is completely revamped.

  •         Compliment it with plants

If you don’t want to do a complete makeover of your windows you can compliment them with plants. Take old glass jars, fill it with water and put a stick of two of fresh flowers in it. Keep it on the window pane or hand with the curtains. They give a senseof freshness and give a twist to your decor at the same time.

These tips will help you in giving for windows a classy treatment and do away with tediousness. But curtains are a must.  There are many stores in Dubai providinghigh-qualitycurtains, but the clear market leader is Leeds furnishings. They have an extensive range of curtains and accessories to help you accentuate your interiors. Here you will find all beautiful room adornments to help beautify your interiors.


Patchwork Tile Ideas

Patch Tiles- Interior Designing

Patchwork is an interesting way to mix and match different colored tiles to form a new unique pattern. A jumble of various colors and patterns of the tiles can beautify the floor of your home and give it a fresh new look.

Patchwork tiles look trendy and also give you freedom to try out your creativity by combining various patterns and colors. Through patchwork, you can express you style, taste and your idea of a beautiful home. Interiorsrus, one of the best interior designing company in Dubai provides the best look to your rooms with their creative patchwork.

Few exciting and beautiful patchwork tiles ideas to decorate your home:

An expressive modern kitchen

Want to give your kitchen a new and exceptional look? Replace those single colored old tiles with the patchwork tiles. These tiles add a live color to the contemporary looking kitchen.

Add colors and patterns which complement the old look of your kitchen. Revitalize your kitchen with great looking patchwork tiles.

  • You can try out apatchworkof floor tiles. Start with lighter shades to prevent an instant change in your kitchen, but keep giving your kitchen a gradual patchwork touch.
  • Monochromatic patchwork is another way to give your kitchen a modern touch and a better visual appeal.
Patch Tiles- Interior Designing

Patch Tiles- Interior Designing

A beautiful Bathroom

You can always try out new ideas in your bathroom if you are scared to try them in your bedrooms or living rooms. Choose expressive tiles to add a new touch to your bathrooms.

  • You can change the simple plain walls of your bathroom with patterned tiles,or you can also experiment with the floor of your washroom. Add expressive tiles in certain areas to complement the older look.
  • There are various other styles like retro, industrial and eclectic which give your bathroom and exquisite look.

The comfortable living room

Patchwork tiles are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens however you can also try out patchwork in your living rooms.

Choosing the perfect patchwork for your living room is comparatively difficult from the other rooms. You need to find the perfect combination of tiles for your living rooms.

  • Plan the patchwork and exactly place them as per your plan. Choose around 10 designs and then repeat the same pattern throughout the room.
  • Give your choice a priority while adding patchwork tiles to your living room.

In case you are not sure about the patchwork with tiles, you can opt for interior designers who are professionals in this field.

5 tips to make boutique hotel luxurious

Luxury Hotel Designing Dubai

Luxury’s the word when the city of Dubai comes to the mind. The hotels in Dubai aim for enigmatic and exhilarating properties. To excel in providing refreshing breaks of the urban lifestyles of snoozes and boozes, Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Dubai strive throughout to provide the serendipity to the visitors and royalties alike.

The major things boutique hotels concern themselves are themes, ambience and design, pricing, facilities provided and food. These are the huge chunks of human requirements all over the world, especially tourists and visitors.


  • Themes: A theme gets the party going. It gives a brighter, clear idea on what the hotel is all about, like a picture on the cover page giving a crystal clear innuendo on the hotel’s unique designs. Interior design plays a pivotal role in conjuring up the image in the minds of visitors, as even a jigsaw puzzle makes sense when it is glued together and not random pieces strewn over. With global warming setting in it’d be a pleasant change if boutique hotels went “go green” themed. Dubai is known for its hot climate, this would give the tourists a reprise, a pleasant resting place like “Per Aquum Desert Palm” which provides modern lifestyle in the core of lush greenery. Check out some of the designs.
Luxury Hotel Designing Dubai

Luxury Hotel Designing Dubai


  • Ambience and design - The biggest part of an idea is not the origin but its execution. With an elegantly planned out ambience and designs, a boutique hotel can go a long way. “Yas viceroy hotel” boasts of an unique ‘amphibianic’ environment, placed in half land and half water gives an unique perspective of luxury. With elegant rooms in a designer made interior decorations with mood lightings, the provision of a soothing yet enchanting environment is what Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Dubai are well known for. Not only is the physical wellbeing taken care of, but so is the peace of mind. A double bonanza as it is.
  • Pricing - The famous “no frill chic” policy implemented in Dubai would bring visitors in tenfold. Known for its amazingly rich lifestyle, extending the name by providing “cheap yet suave” pricings would make all classes of the society throb in the city to live life king size


  • Facilities – With “no frill chic” pricings, interior designers in Dubai chalk out immense facilities like free Wi-Fi and internet, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, private entrances, business centre, pubs and clubs, work out gyms blending in with rejuvenating spas and flat screen televisions inside the rooms to provide maximum facilities in minimal amount for a consumer friendly environment.


  • Food - Taste buds are critical for success, boutique hotels can bring luxury in a plate with its food. Tastier the treats, brighter the place shines. With varieties of cuisines from Mediterranean to Spanish, Indian, Argentine, English, French etc.  From “Palace Downtown Dubai” providing wide range of options to feast upon by embellishing multiple dining restaurants to “Armani Hotel Dubai” giving Japanese cuisine with a zesty twist Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Dubai can proudly assure the taste buds are in safe hands.


Luxurious Villas – Few Accessories Away

Luxury Villa in Dubai

Every person has basic needs and desires. Once these needs are fulfilled, wants shows up. Wants can go to any extent. It could be a basic want to own a bike, or a huge want to own a luxurious villa. Many, who own a villa, dream of living an improvised luxurious life. Well, in rich countries like Dubai, one can plan up to take up an interior designer to renovate their villas, as well as their lives to another level of luxury. However, these villa interior designers in Dubai may not be an option for many as it may be too high a budget, for them. One technique which could surely be used to add up that extra luxury to your villa is the right choice of accessories for your villa. Now, accessories may include anything from furniture to electronics to dining and kitchen utensils to what not! Well, the main question that pops up our minds now is – What kind of accessories do we choose? Well, the answer to that is as follows.


  • Furniture   -   The first and most important element to make your lovely villa, a luxurious as well as lovely villa is the right furniture and related accessories. For instance, a change in the sofa set basing on the interiors of the villa shall definitely add to the beauty of the villa. A modern sofa set is preferably acceptable to make a villa look, as well as feel more luxurious. Well, is it your entertainment room? No problem! How about a bean bag to sit on? One thing to be remembered is the right placement of suitable furniture, be it a lovely table for the hall, or the highly furnished cupboard for the room.
  • Electronics   -   What is common about the villas we see today is that most of them have a modern look. So, a modern villa could go really well with a good bunch of modern electronic stuff. Just for an instance, a hall with a fifty-six inch LED television, along with a good set of home theatre, will definitely spark up the luxury a person would desire. Do make sure that the electronics opted for, will depend on upon the size and place where it shall be installed in the villa.
Luxury Villa in Dubai

Luxury Villa in Dubai

  • Bathroom Modifications   -   Well, another idea which could be used is to upgrade the bathroom just by making a few minor changes. Minor changes like changes in the sinks and showers just by replacing your existing sink and shower with a modern one could be highly beneficial to obtain the motive of increased luxury. A proper mirror along with those changes could also be a good option.
  • Dining and Kitchen Utensils   -    No matter how beautiful your dining table may be, the real beauty to it is added only with the right utensils. So how about a new set of spoons and forks, or those lovely wine glasses? They are sure to give a life of greater luxury. As for the kitchen, it is time to get those new lovely refrigerators you saw at a store and an attached stove instead of the steel one.
  • Home Decors    -    Already started to live luxuriously? Well, all was done great, but how about a magnificent painting or vases or antiques or showpieces? Yeah! Not one, but all of them would be great! One thing about house decors is that they always resemble a sign of luxury anywhere. These are never to be ignored, for these are essential for a classy look. Another thing is curtains; windows do need to get dressed!
  • Exterior Accessories   -   The interiors seem pretty good now. But oh! What’s the use of all the luxury when your villa cannot portray it from the outside? For that, few good pots of beautiful plants at your door, a small table in the garden, and a perfect seating at the terrace sounds great, doesn’t it? The exteriors give an overview of your villa from the outside. Though it may seem less important, but it does matter undoubtedly.


Now, you could go around boasting about the luxurious life you have, even without having asked for help from a villa interior designer in Dubai, or for that part, anywhere in the world!