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Top 10 Popular Perfumes for Men

Perfumes for Men

Not only women but men too rate body smell as an important part of their persona. If you are searching for that one fragrance for any situation, for any type of clothes or for any season, this is the right place you have come to. Here are the top 10 fragrance lists for all those perfume lovers who are looking for that one fragrance to rule the whole world. Aside from this, you can visit Dubai for men perfumes as Dubai is the house of fragrances you will go crazy over.

• Bleu de Chanel EDP

It has a fresh, citrusy and woodsy smell having a sophisticated touch that stays consistent the entire time you wear it. For more, you may visit Dubai for men perfumes at V Perfume stores that offer the best perfumes.

• Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo

It is a most amazing and a fresh fragrance for men. Incense and Patchouli in it make it very masculine, pleasing and classy scent, just like a beach in a bottle.

• Escentric Molecules 01

It is a simple yet alluring scent with woody, floral and musky notes. It suits on everyone having ISO E super as its ingredient that has a wonderful aroma.

• Valentino Uomo Intense

With top notes of Iris, tonka bean and leather, it has a classic Italian vibe. It possesses an aggressive and strong personality with a piercing aroma that lasts longer.

• Dolce & Gabbana The One Men EDP

It has an inviting smell of spicy, fresh and fruity notes that comes from the grapefruit and coriander. This scent keeps on amplifying further with cardamom, ginger and tobacco notes.

• Chanel Allure Sport Extreme EDP

It has a minty and warm fragrance that is very sensuous and sharp. It’s dynamic and invigorating smell sets a great impression. Its woody masculine accords will make you fall in love with it.

• CH CH HC Prive Men EDT

It is a perfect combination of woody and leather scent that portrays a rich and luxurious fragrance. A leathery smooth and boozy smell of it makes you want it every time.

• Prada L’Homme EDT

A charming, simplistic scent with a deadly combination of geranium, iris, amber, and patchouli that sets it apart. It is available in two sizes that are 50 and 100 ml

• Dior Sauvage EDT

It has an exceptional masculine savor that gives you an elegant and nostalgic feeling. It has a hint of jasmine with a dry vetiver that is seducing yet refreshing.

• Creed Aventus EDP

It is a powerful, dominating and a very masculine perfume having smoky, fruity and woody notes. It lasts the whole day projecting its great smell around you.

5 Must Things To Remember In Setting Up Business In Dubai

Setting Up Business In Dubai

Dubai is amongst the seven emirates of UAE and is quite a popular business hub for many aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe. The relaxation in taxes here is one of the main reasons of being selected as the location for a business startup. Even the recession period has not stopped Dubai from alluring people to set up their business in this emirate. Whether you are thinking to start a technology business, or are thinking to set up a hospitality company, or just about any company formation in Dubai, you must take the help of a reputed advisory firm who can guide you throughout the procedure. Here are five things to remember to set up a company here:

1. Local sponsor: Dubai is a location that is filled with a plenty of business opportunities. In order to start up a business in the city of Dubai, you would need a Dubai national or a local of Dubai who can sponsor your business in the city. He or she will be 51% shareholder of your business and not necessarily an active partner.

2. Free zone for 100% ownership: if you want to own the business entirely, then you must choose an appropriate Free Zone in Dubai where you can set up your company. Along with complete ownership, you are also offered quick start up and tax free customs boundary.

3. Most suitable location: make sure to choose a particular location in Dubai, (whether in a free zone or in the city) that optimizes the objectives of your business and its costs, and also is convenient to reach out to customers.

4. Visa permits: having an eligible visa that gives you and your employees the permission to stay in Dubai is more than essential for starting a business here. The procedure of acquiring a visa is open to all investors and is not very strict. Your local sponsor will be applying for visa for you, or you have to do it for yourself for a free zone business.

5. Hire a company setup firm: investing in a company setup firm is always a clever thing to do as you will not only be helping you to register your business, but will also take care of all necessary documents required for starting your business legally in Dubai.

Adam Global is one of the experienced and reputed business advisory firms to help you in forming a company in Dubai and also run it smoothly.

Where To Buy Branded Perfumes For Less

Buy Branded Perfumes For Less

Now-a-days, perfumes have become a must even for everyday life. They play an important role in completing the look and reflecting your personality. When your schedule includes staying busy whole day and having important meetings, smelling pleasant becomes all the more imperative. For this, having a good quality, branded perfume is preferable so that the fragrance can last longer.

But such perfumes may also turn out to be heavy on pockets. Therefore, buying them from a reliable and authorized website or store is desirable. One such trustworthy store is V perfumes. You can find a variety of classic and latest fragrances on V Perfumes which are also very much pocket friendly. We also have over 15 outlets across UAE, where you go in person and grab your favorite perfumes.

Following are some of the branded perfumes that we:

· Engelsrufer Aurora: This perfume is a floral woody musk for women. Launched in 2016, the perfume has base notes of cedar and musk, middle note of lily of the valley and top notes of mandarin orange and green apple. (100 ml bottle at AED 200 currently)

· Manzana Cle De La Vie: This perfume is perfect for those who like flowery fruity smell. It has base notes of patchouli vanilla and blonde woody amber, middle notes of freesia rose and top notes of fruity black currant. (100 ml bottle at AED 170 at present)

· Katy Perry Killer Queen: Katy Perry is an international singer and songwriter. This perfume is also an international sensation just like her. It is 3 pieces gift set, comprising of 15 ml Eau De Perfum Spray, 75 ml Royal Body Lotion and 75 ml Royal Shower Gel. (Price is AED 75 currently)

· Versace Pour Homme: This fragrance has been created keeping the self confident, knowledgeable and passionate man of today. it has essential ingredients of Mediterranean origin which symbolize the peaceful and harmonious relation between men and nature. (A 100 ml bottle’s price is AED 165 at present)

· Valentino Uomo: Created by perfumer Olivier Polge, this perfume has been aimed at the classic yet casual men, who prefer top quality for themselves. It has top notes of bergamot and myrtle, heart notes of roasted coffee and gianduja cream and a rich base of cedar and precious leather. (A 100 ml bottle is priced at AED 258 at present)

Cake design trends 2017

Best Cake shop in Dubai


Cakes are everyone’s favorite and people don’t mind cheating on their diets with yummy cakes. They are perfectly suitable for any occasion, be it a birthday or anniversary, there are yummy cakes available for all occasions. The latest trend going on these days is to have customized cakes. Bakeries and delis selling cakes and cupcakes in Dubai make it a point to add their special touch to their bakes to make moments even more special.

With so many options available in cakes, customers tend to get confused in selecting the perfect one for them. For all such people, here are the latest and best cakes in Dubai and cupcakes in Dubai

Best Cake shop in Dubai

  1. Cartoon cakes: They have always been a hot trend and they continue to be so. Children love them and their current favorites are minions and Disney’s Elsa and Anna. They also go for themes according to these cakes.
  2. Emoji cakes: Emojis have become the new language and a lot of people are going for emojis to convey how they feel on a certain occasion. The different emojis listed on WhatsApp are now trending in the form of cakes.
  3. Photograph cakes: Though the trend of having photographs on cakes started long back, they are still in trend. Photograph cakes bring along some very good memories.
  4. Cupcake bouquets: Another very popular trend that is very in right now is having cupcake bouquets. These bouquets are suitable for all occasions  and work perfectly good for gifting.
  5. Naked cakes: Gone are the days when cakes were dipped in heavy cream. Bakers are now coming up with cakes with minimal frosting. These cakes are baked according to the customer’s choice.

G’s or Ginny’s cake shop in Dubai is one of the must visit confectionery shops where you can order cakes of your choice. The shop also provides an option to customize and personalize cakes along with midnight delivery.


Best Advice On how To Set Up A Company In Dubai

company formation in Dubai

Whether you want to open a shop, or a major enterprise, company formation in Dubai can be a little complex, especially for starters. You should have a thorough knowledge about the local market where you are willing to set up your business. Taking the guidance of a business advisory firm is always recommended, as they can help you with setting up your business and complete all the paperwork, legal formalities, registration process etc. and also in running it successfully. Here is the best advice from the professional advisors on setting up a business in Dubai. Take a look.

· Choose your business type
The type of business that you opt for will help in determining the kind of license that you will need from the government for company formation in Dubai. The basis of your company operations are explained by the type of license that you possess from either of professional, commercial or industrial licenses. However, you also must be aware that in order to start certain businesses, like trading of food or jewelry, legal consultancy services, veterinary facilities require approvals from various other departments of Dubai government.

· Ownership for foreigners
If you are a foreign national then you would be requiring a license and location in any of the free zones of Dubai in order to get a complete ownership of the company in Dubai. There are more than 30 free zones in Dubai, and each of those cater to a certain type of activity, for instance You can start an internet business by getting a license in the Dubai internet city, or for an automobile business you should get a license in the Dubai auto city etc. however, if you need to operate locally, then you must get a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

· Legal formalities and trade name registration
After choosing the location and the type of business that you want to start up, you need to follow specific rules and regulations regarding setting up your company. Each of the free zones has a certain set of laws and restrictions, which are required to be adopted strictly. Secondly you also should have your company’s trade name registered properly, as this again is a crucial aspect of the legal procedure.

Adam Global is one of the best business advisory firm in Dubai that can help you to start a business in Dubai very smoothly.

4 things your lawyer won’t tell you!

Best lawyer in Dubai

You might find the best lawyer in Dubai without a lot of effort. There are a lot of Dubai lawyer firms that offer excellent services and this makes it easy to hire an expert. Trusting your lawyer is very important during the case. However, there are a few things that even the doctor might not tell you! But you will have to be aware of them so you don’t land up in troubles.

  1. Don’t expect large sums from a lawsuit!

If you have won a lawsuit and are expecting a lot of money from it, then you should curb your spending. Talk to your lawyer before making a decision about the money involved as a major sum is cut in the name of taxes.

Best lawyer in Dubai

Best lawyer in Dubai

  1. They may not be aware of a different niche

If you are dealing with a family lawyer then the chances of the lawyer knowing about criminal law is less. They may know a few details, however; they may not be fully aware of the niche.

  1. They won’t let you know if you are losing a case

You might choose a lawyer with a lot of experience. However, their experience doesn’t guarantee that you will win the case! It also depends on several other factors and the lawyer won’t reveal this.

  1. You can’t win the case if you sue a lawyer

Though most lawyers are ethical, you might find some of them fraudulent and may also wish to sue them! But think over again! They are masters in the industry and you might never win a case against them!

There is always a requirement for the best lawyers in Dubai. Be it family lawyers, or criminal lawyers, or legal advisors, there is a requirement for the best professionals. If you are looking to hire the services of experts, contact SM Law Firm.


Diet and exercise routine for people suffering from a hiatus hernia

Hernia surgery in dubai


A hiatus hernia is an extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable health issue, which has a significant detrimental effect on the patient’s quality patients quality of life.Here are some natural diet and exercise plan suggested by hernia surgery doctor in Dubai to counter hiatus hernia symptoms-

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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is a relatively new topic in the world of pest control. According to the best Dubai pest control services, it is the most effective method to prevent and control different types of pest infestations, especially in large areas.

Integrated pest management are a combination of preventive and treatment measures, so as to ensure that the problem doesn’t come back again.  The technique for this type of pest management involves - inspection, recording, elimination, setting up traps, sanitation, pest monitoring, and use of chemicals if necessary. All these steps together will offer a solid program to eliminate pests. The best thing about the IPM method is that it diminishes the use of any type of dangerous chemicals which can be harmful. The method includes –

  • Use of rodent and insect traps
  • Monitoring and sealing water lines and pipes
  • Installation of new insect traps or modifying the existing ones
  • Recording all the insect sightings
  • Making some necessary structure changes
  • Documenting the steps and maintaining reports for officials and clients
  • A strong commitment to safety. The most appealing thing about the IPM method is that it gives highest importance to safety and sanitization.

Key benefits of the method

  • Prominent service at the most affordable rates
  • 100% result oriented procedure
  • Environment friendly
  • Use of government approved organic products
  • Highly skilled professionals at service
  • Highest quality services

This treatment is offered by Cosmos Pest Control. The company has been serving its customers with the best solutions in the market and IPM is its specialty. They also offer solutions for domestic pests, pests in the office, infestation in gardens and lawns, warehouse infestations, etc.

Cosmos Pest Control is the best destination for all those looking for the best Dubai pest control services. The company offers top notch services using 100% organic measures that are environmentally safe.

  1. Why is pest control important to your health

According to the best bugs control company in Dubai, getting rid of bugs and other pests is a healthy measure. It keeps you healthy because “no pest means reduced infections!” this article will help you know more about it. Experts reveal that every country across the globe has been fighting with pests for ages. This is because con

Use dividers to give a new look to the ground.

If you want to maximize the amount of space in your home in Dubai, then room dividers is an excellent choice. You can transform the appearance of any room by making use of a room divider. For example, you can use a room divider to create a home office in a living room or to create a dressing room in your bed room. You might be imagining a folding screen whenever you think of room dividers that were once used in Japan, but today they are more than just screens. You can find different attractive options of room dividers at Huzefa Glass. In this article, we shall be reviewing different ways of using room dividers in your home.


  • Create a cozy nook

Although a large living room is great for a big family, but sometimes you want a private space where you can read, listen to your favorite tracks or just have some alone time. Just choose your favorite corner of the room, place a comfy chair, a little table and a reading lamp there. Using a room divider create a private hide away around the corner and relax.

  • Create a Small Home Office

Want to have a home office but don’t have an extra room?  Use a room divider to create one in an easy and affordable way. If you have a large living room, then you can make your own private space in one of the quite corners (choose the one that gets ample light). Section off the corner using a room divider and add a chair and desk to it. You have an instant home office. You can do the same in your bedroom also if you want the home office to be a little more private.

  • Hide Clutter

If you do not have a storage room in your home, you can create one by using a room divider. Simply utilize the extra space in any one of your large rooms, be it your living room or bedroom or any other room.  Organize the clutter (storage carts, shelves, baskets and other storage items) neatly and hide it behind a room divider. Select one that compliments the décor of the room

  • Add Shelves

You can find different styles in a room divider these days. You can get one with shelving units that allow you to turn one room into two with a large amount of storage shelves which can be used to keep your things in a proper organized manner. is one of the places where you can find the one that fits all your needs.