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How Arts Can Save Your Soul? Art Isn’t a Luxury but a Necessity


The other day I found myself berating myself for not being able to find time for my arts. I managed to fit in a little writing here and there and not much else. What the heck’s the point of my life if I’m not doing anything artistic, I tell myself? I kept pushing it off, waiting for that magical moment when I’d feel the inspiration and the serene, ready to get back to it.

Start to watch where my mind was focusing

It usually had to do with someone who was bugging me; sometimes it’d stretch out to wondering how I’ll ever be able to make enough money to retire on.

Regardless of the topic, what I noticed especially was my hot head and the steam pouring out of the ears, as I thundered along, obsessing about one thing to the other. I could see how, left un-channeled, my creative mind will passionately go to arts, pulling apart and analyzing whatever it chooses to encounter.

And how about my apartment?

Surely, it’s not going to clean itself, I tell myself. Having a spick and span organized space at all times, slipped in there at some point, as a priority. That’s when I stopped waiting for serenity and inspiration, or even time. I closed the door on my muddled apartment, and indeed yanked myself back to the studio In a nutshell, here are five tips I’ve found to be true in finding and sustaining that delicate balance between “day job” as a professional and creative work as arts:

Don’t wait for inspiration; inspiration will come as you work.

Sometimes when we’re busy with other kinds of work and life transitions, we tend to fall in the trap of believing we need specific inspiration to begin a creative project. We want to see that painting in our mind’s eye, know the story line before we start to write. Often, and worse, we wait for both inspiration and the right “mood” to strike simultaneously. Sometimes it happens that way, but it’s nothing to bank on. The more you work, even when not inspired, the more inspiration will come, the more the painting or story will unfold as if by magic. Then inspiration will keep on growing.

If you’re arts creative, your mind will pick up anything and everything to play with. It’ll over-analyze, pull apart, nitpick, and perhaps obsess. It’s a wild animal, and it’s up to you to recognize that and tame the beast in your head.

Focus some of that powerful creativity on something that will be meaningful to you.

  • I’d also spend hours decorating my apartment, then cleaning it, mess it up, as is my disorganized nature, and start all over.
  • That’s when I knew I’d carried the style and decorating way too far and decided to refocus my composition talents on the canvas.

Get better at organizing your time. Figure out what your priorities really are, make “to do” lists, get up earlier, take a class, read a book, but fix this problem! Remember, if you’re an artist, making art isn’t a luxury but a necessity.I often wonder if we choose to be artists or if arts come in and choose us. Whatever the case, there’s no escaping it. If you’re creative, you will need to create your whole life.