Patchwork Tile Ideas

Patch Tiles- Interior Designing

Patchwork is an interesting way to mix and match different colored tiles to form a new unique pattern. A jumble of various colors and patterns of the tiles can beautify the floor of your home and give it a fresh new look.

Patchwork tiles look trendy and also give you freedom to try out your creativity by combining various patterns and colors. Through patchwork, you can express you style, taste and your idea of a beautiful home. Interiorsrus, one of the best interior designing company in Dubai provides the best look to your rooms with their creative patchwork.

Few exciting and beautiful patchwork tiles ideas to decorate your home:

An expressive modern kitchen

Want to give your kitchen a new and exceptional look? Replace those single colored old tiles with the patchwork tiles. These tiles add a live color to the contemporary looking kitchen.

Add colors and patterns which complement the old look of your kitchen. Revitalize your kitchen with great looking patchwork tiles.

  • You can try out apatchworkof floor tiles. Start with lighter shades to prevent an instant change in your kitchen, but keep giving your kitchen a gradual patchwork touch.
  • Monochromatic patchwork is another way to give your kitchen a modern touch and a better visual appeal.
Patch Tiles- Interior Designing

Patch Tiles- Interior Designing

A beautiful Bathroom

You can always try out new ideas in your bathroom if you are scared to try them in your bedrooms or living rooms. Choose expressive tiles to add a new touch to your bathrooms.

  • You can change the simple plain walls of your bathroom with patterned tiles,or you can also experiment with the floor of your washroom. Add expressive tiles in certain areas to complement the older look.
  • There are various other styles like retro, industrial and eclectic which give your bathroom and exquisite look.

The comfortable living room

Patchwork tiles are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens however you can also try out patchwork in your living rooms.

Choosing the perfect patchwork for your living room is comparatively difficult from the other rooms. You need to find the perfect combination of tiles for your living rooms.

  • Plan the patchwork and exactly place them as per your plan. Choose around 10 designs and then repeat the same pattern throughout the room.
  • Give your choice a priority while adding patchwork tiles to your living room.

In case you are not sure about the patchwork with tiles, you can opt for interior designers who are professionals in this field.