Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is a relatively new topic in the world of pest control. According to the best Dubai pest control services, it is the most effective method to prevent and control different types of pest infestations, especially in large areas.

Integrated pest management are a combination of preventive and treatment measures, so as to ensure that the problem doesn’t come back again.  The technique for this type of pest management involves - inspection, recording, elimination, setting up traps, sanitation, pest monitoring, and use of chemicals if necessary. All these steps together will offer a solid program to eliminate pests. The best thing about the IPM method is that it diminishes the use of any type of dangerous chemicals which can be harmful. The method includes –

  • Use of rodent and insect traps
  • Monitoring and sealing water lines and pipes
  • Installation of new insect traps or modifying the existing ones
  • Recording all the insect sightings
  • Making some necessary structure changes
  • Documenting the steps and maintaining reports for officials and clients
  • A strong commitment to safety. The most appealing thing about the IPM method is that it gives highest importance to safety and sanitization.

Key benefits of the method

  • Prominent service at the most affordable rates
  • 100% result oriented procedure
  • Environment friendly
  • Use of government approved organic products
  • Highly skilled professionals at service
  • Highest quality services

This treatment is offered by Cosmos Pest Control. The company has been serving its customers with the best solutions in the market and IPM is its specialty. They also offer solutions for domestic pests, pests in the office, infestation in gardens and lawns, warehouse infestations, etc.

Cosmos Pest Control is the best destination for all those looking for the best Dubai pest control services. The company offers top notch services using 100% organic measures that are environmentally safe.

  1. Why is pest control important to your health

According to the best bugs control company in Dubai, getting rid of bugs and other pests is a healthy measure. It keeps you healthy because “no pest means reduced infections!” this article will help you know more about it. Experts reveal that every country across the globe has been fighting with pests for ages. This is because con