How to gain your child’s trust?

Children are very trustful by their nature, but still It may take years to build trustful relations between you. By trusting you your children show their confidence in you. It is easy to gain your children’s trust when they are young, but with time there might be problems. So what should you do to make your children trust you?

  • Support your children.

If your children show you that they are responsible, smart, can take care about themselves and follow rules, then they definitely should be able to count on parent’s trust. Trust is a two-way street, if your children see that you trust them, they will trust you.

  • Stay in touch.

It is very important for families to spend time together. Sometimes it is hard to maintain the connection due to generation differences and the fact that your children one day must leave your house and build their own life. It is important to show that you are open for contact: discuss your problems, resolve conflicts. Remember: spending time together is not always about discussing important matters.

  • Show that you Do care.

During your time with your children show that you are interested in their affairs, let your children have all your attention when you are with them. They have to know that in case problems appear they always can count on your help. It is very important to remain open and calm when you talk to your children. 

  • Try to see the situation from different points of view.

Ask your friends how they communicate with their children. You will see how others do it and this will give you options and experience on how you may resolve some situations.

  • Be able to ask for forgiveness.

We all make mistakes; the question is how we fix them. The best beginning for gaining lost trust is sincerely asking for forgiveness.

  • Accept their independence.

All children (especially teenagers) tend to become more and more independent. Of course many parents are concerned about it, but it is important to let them be independent and show them how happy you are with their success. Occasionally your children will disappoint you, when this happens you need to discuss this together and make correct conclusions. This will help you to form realistic expectations.

  • Let your children have their personal space.

Everyone needs a personal space, especially teenagers. Some parents care about their children too much and invade their personal space (for example, they start to read their correspondence). Such a behavior deals significant damage to relations between parents and their children. Also, note that sometimes your children may have a mess in their room, don’t let yourself be angry on them for this, this is their personal space and you must respect it. You may try to start a very gentle conversation about your concerns, but no more.

  • You should never criticize your children! 

Some parents have a bad habit of criticizing or being sarcastic with their children. Let them make their own mistakes, just be there for them when they need you. Your children must know that you are there to help, not to criticize or laugh at them.

  • Hugs, Hugs and Hugs!

Scientists suggest that children are much healthier and happier if they are regularly hugged by their parents. Make sure that your typical day is full of hugs.