Diet and exercise routine for people suffering from a hiatus hernia

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A hiatus hernia is an extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable health issue, which has a significant detrimental effect on the patient’s quality patients quality of life.Here are some natural diet and exercise plan suggested by hernia surgery doctor in Dubai to counter hiatus hernia symptoms-


Maintain a strategic distance from Eggs, dairy items, espresso, and juices.

Try green salads, watermelon, and herbal teas

Go for morning walk will help aid good digestion and improves overall health.

Mid-morning Snack

Stay away from Chocolate, frozen yogurt and ice cream

Go for Bananas or papaya

Hernia surgery in dubai

Hernia surgery in dubai


Stay away from Highly acidic meats and fast food that create more stomach corrosive acid and cause agonizing reflux for those with GERD and hernia

Go for Salmon fish with sides like carrots, beans, kale, greens or broccoli.

Note: If you have a rest hernia you ought to abstain from avoid bending over or laying down after eating as this can cause food to reflux into the esophagus.

Afternoon Snack

Avoid: Candy bars, fast food, sodas and yogurt

Go for Celery sticks, cucumber or almonds or sunflower seeds

Note: Stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink 6-10 glasses of water every day if you have a hiatus hernia as this will help metabolism and promote a cleaner body. It is better not to drink liquids with your meals as this can when it is needed to process food quickly.


Maintain a strategic distance from acidic foods, particularly red meat. Likewise, avoid large heavy meals in the evening as this not only encourages weight gain but because the fact is that the sustenance won’t process before sleep time, it will bring about more inconvenience and the probability of reflux when you rests.

Go for smaller, lighter meals in the evening/suppers. Soup and or salad are good choices. Soups can include broccoli, potato, lentils and much more. Plates of mixed greens are awesome, don’t have awful carbs and can incorporate many vegetables. Simply make a point to go simple on the dressing and avoid creamy dressings.


Note: Taking an evening walk after supper can be incredible from multiple reasons for everybody, not only those with a hernia. If you still find yourself suffering from heartburn and chest pain, seek the advice of a doctor for your treatment.