Shades Dubai

Amazing ideas for window treatment

Shades Dubai

Windows are an important part of our home decor. We usually adorn our windows with majestic curtains but it you want to try something new, here are some unique ideas from companies like Leeds Furnishing for adorning your windows with various shades in Dubai:

  •         Gunny bag curtains

There is always room for innovation when it comes to windows. You can opt for doing it yourself (DIY) jute gunny bag or coffee bean bag curtains. Put you creative mind at work; paint, stitch or add beads and frills. Your low budget yet classy curtains are ready. Plus their premium texture of goes well with every room’s decor.

  •         Experiment with curtains

If you like experimenting with fabrics and color shades in Dubai, you can change your curtains regularly at fixed intervals. You can choose different patterns, contrasting colors and panel covering each time you feel the need to redecorate your windows. Your creativity will certainly lead you to find something exciting and beautiful representing various shades of Dubai.

Shades Dubai

Shades Dubai


        Add stuff toys to the panel

Stuff toys bring joy to the surroundings. They please everyone and create an aura of happiness. You can choose stuff toys to match the color theme of your window curtains. This will give the room a lively feel, enhance the decor and give you a sense of coziness and comfort. Plus they make the room full and lively.

  •         Best out of waste always works

Whether it is an art project or home decor, best out of waste always works. You can use waste beads, streamers, and even lighting or all of these together to compliment your curtains. Using string of beads and lighting are two of the most popular and efficient options for an elegant decor. One added benefit is that your old decor which you love so dearly is completely revamped.

  •         Compliment it with plants

If you don’t want to do a complete makeover of your windows you can compliment them with plants. Take old glass jars, fill it with water and put a stick of two of fresh flowers in it. Keep it on the window pane or hand with the curtains. They give a senseof freshness and give a twist to your decor at the same time.

These tips will help you in giving for windows a classy treatment and do away with tediousness. But curtains are a must.  There are many stores in Dubai providinghigh-qualitycurtains, but the clear market leader is Leeds furnishings. They have an extensive range of curtains and accessories to help you accentuate your interiors. Here you will find all beautiful room adornments to help beautify your interiors.