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5 tips to make boutique hotel luxurious

Luxury Hotel Designing Dubai

Luxury’s the word when the city of Dubai comes to the mind. The hotels in Dubai aim for enigmatic and exhilarating properties. To excel in providing refreshing breaks of the urban lifestyles of snoozes and boozes, Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Dubai strive throughout to provide the serendipity to the visitors and royalties alike.

The major things boutique hotels concern themselves are themes, ambience and design, pricing, facilities provided and food. These are the huge chunks of human requirements all over the world, especially tourists and visitors.


  • Themes: A theme gets the party going. It gives a brighter, clear idea on what the hotel is all about, like a picture on the cover page giving a crystal clear innuendo on the hotel’s unique designs. Interior design plays a pivotal role in conjuring up the image in the minds of visitors, as even a jigsaw puzzle makes sense when it is glued together and not random pieces strewn over. With global warming setting in it’d be a pleasant change if boutique hotels went “go green” themed. Dubai is known for its hot climate, this would give the tourists a reprise, a pleasant resting place like “Per Aquum Desert Palm” which provides modern lifestyle in the core of lush greenery. Check out some of the designs.
Luxury Hotel Designing Dubai

Luxury Hotel Designing Dubai


  • Ambience and design - The biggest part of an idea is not the origin but its execution. With an elegantly planned out ambience and designs, a boutique hotel can go a long way. “Yas viceroy hotel” boasts of an unique ‘amphibianic’ environment, placed in half land and half water gives an unique perspective of luxury. With elegant rooms in a designer made interior decorations with mood lightings, the provision of a soothing yet enchanting environment is what Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Dubai are well known for. Not only is the physical wellbeing taken care of, but so is the peace of mind. A double bonanza as it is.
  • Pricing - The famous “no frill chic” policy implemented in Dubai would bring visitors in tenfold. Known for its amazingly rich lifestyle, extending the name by providing “cheap yet suave” pricings would make all classes of the society throb in the city to live life king size


  • Facilities – With “no frill chic” pricings, interior designers in Dubai chalk out immense facilities like free Wi-Fi and internet, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, private entrances, business centre, pubs and clubs, work out gyms blending in with rejuvenating spas and flat screen televisions inside the rooms to provide maximum facilities in minimal amount for a consumer friendly environment.


  • Food - Taste buds are critical for success, boutique hotels can bring luxury in a plate with its food. Tastier the treats, brighter the place shines. With varieties of cuisines from Mediterranean to Spanish, Indian, Argentine, English, French etc.  From “Palace Downtown Dubai” providing wide range of options to feast upon by embellishing multiple dining restaurants to “Armani Hotel Dubai” giving Japanese cuisine with a zesty twist Boutique Hotel Interior Designers in Dubai can proudly assure the taste buds are in safe hands.