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7 Tips To Keep The Glass Tabletop Updated

If you have been too keen to start a dining table makeover or if you want to redecorate your living room space with innovative glass design ideas, then Huzefa glass will be the right choice for tabletop decoration. Painting or refurbishing the glass tabletop can bring about the desired change, but for better results, you can also use the coordinated colors or a combination of mix and match varieties to get the best results.

7 ways to update the look of the glass table top:

  • Use the color of the tabletops that match with the color of the folding doors Dubai: There are many pastel shades which you can use in the design of the transparent tabletops, and for better interior decoration, you can also match the color of the doors and windows inside a room, along with the color of the table tops.
  • Huzefa glass is available in many colors: You can simply paint the table top with white color, or else, you can also install the thin glass shades and layers on the top of the table. This will make the table top look refurnished.

  • Use fiber glass, stained glass or etched glass to decorate the tabletop: You can use numerous varieties of etched glass, stained glass or fiber glass to redecorate the old tabletop. These are high quality glass varieties and they also do not break, develop cracks, or even chip off easily.
  • Using frosted glass to decorate the table tops can be a great idea: It does not matter whether you want to install plain glass or frosted glass, you can use both varieties with ample lighting arrangement to give an all new look to the dining table. You can also decorate your rooms with folding doors Dubai, and to get a more contemporary look for the interiors, you can use the combination of folding doors, and refurbished glass table tops.
  • Experiment with bold shades if you want a gorgeous look for the interior: If you want a more gorgeous look for the interiors, then you can use dark glass shades, or use glass paint and create innovative designs on two or three corners of the table top.
  • Use a combination of glass and sheet metal: You can also make use of sheet metals along with glass on one side, to get a beautiful refurbished effect for the table top.
  • Use burnished wood hidden under plain glass sheets to update the table top: If your table is made of burnished wood color like brown or black, then you can use glass or metallic sheets on the table top, to get a marvelous effect.

There are many ways in which you can experiment with the table top designs. For better results, you can use glasses in contrast colours also.