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Fine art photography - a small brief.

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Fine art is an expression of thoughts, views and ideas. It sends out a message about the vision of the photographer and portrays his perception of the world as seen through his lens, thereby making him an artist. Thus, instead of capturing a realistic image of the subject, the photographer aims to achieve a more personal rendition as way of communicating to the viewer his understanding of the subject. This genre of photography signifies the aesthetic sense of the subject instead of focusing on its journalistic or commercial value.

  • Latest Trend

Aspiring fine art photographers are always in search of exotic new places to gnaw at their creative minds.With the World Expo 2020 coming up, Dubai is the latest buzz and the go to place for photographers. For the avid Dubai photographer; animals, flora and birds such as the camel, falcon, horse, gazelle, date palm, apart from traditional Arabian hospitality are icons to photograph. Famed as the world’s most astonishing city, Dubai also has magnificent architectural marvels which act as a lure and bait for fine art lovers. Dubai photographers throng the place trying to capture its ups and downs.

  • Popular Names

Blaine Ellis,Andrew Prokos,Robert Mapplethorpe,Ansel Adams are the most famous names when it comes to fine art photography. One of the most famous photographs in this genre was “Moonrise” taken by Ansel Adams. The image was captured in 1948 and after changing many hands was eventually sold in October 2006 for over 6 million dollars. This marked the beginning of a new era in fine art photography.

Photographers in Dubai

Fine art photography


  • Prices

Historically, prices for fine art photography have been less in comparison to photographs of artists working in a different medium. But this gap is slowly closing as prices are definitely creeping up. It is not a steep curve but more of a gradual slope. This change is due to the difference in how fine art photography is perceived. Today, there is an overlap between modern and contemporary photography. People are slowly starting to realize that great art is great art, whatever the medium; and fine art photography is now becoming a popular way to own beautiful art at a much lower price.

  • Decoy

In an attempt to further understand fine art photography, an experiment was conducted. The experiment was titled “Decoy”. Six photographers seeking to refine their craft were asked to capture a person’s portrait. Each of them was told different stories regarding the person’s history. Each photographer was told one of the six histories: fisherman,millionaire, life-saver, psychic, prison inmate, and alcoholic. After each of these sessions was over, the photographs were compared. It was astonishing to see the stark contrast in how the photographers perceived their subject based on their history. It showed the reality of how fine art photography truly lies in the eyes of the beholder.


Over the years, the perception of fine art photography has radically changed. With advancements in technology the way in which photos are taken also changed. Thus, photography and fine art is now viewed upon differently by individuals and is regarded either a treasure or trash. Perception of human beings is ever-changing and so is the perception of fine art photography.