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Best ways to keep your house warm during winter

Worried about the chilly winter nights? Well it is an easy task all you need to do is to read this article from Dubai curtains shops and follow the tips to keep your home warm in the winters:

Use tin foil

This is one good way to prevent any unnecessary heat loss from the radiators, especially those that are attached to external walls. By placing heat reflective aluminium foil behind radiators, you can make the heat stay. The foil prevents heat disappearing from the walls by reflecting the heat back into the room. You can also buy foil that is specially designed for this purpose and it is an affordable way to keep your home warm during winter.

Let the light in

Let the sunlight in room get ample sunlight during the day. It is important that you use ample amount of natural - and free – heat! This, you can get from sunlight. So get it as much as possible. For this, keep your window shades and curtains open during the day. Closing the curtains when dusk falls and you can enjoy the warmth all night.

Control the escape

The first thing you need to keep your home warm is by not letting the heat being lost up the chimney. There are houses with fireplaces as decorative item. Consider having a chimney balloon which will prevent the chimney heat from escaping. Though it is inexpensive, a chimney balloon works like a wonder.

Thick curtains

One of the most popular ways to keep home warm in Dubai is Curtains! Buy thick curtains that protect your house in the winter by preventing the heat escape from the windows. If you wish to go for a cheaper option then you can buy curtains with a thermal lining. “The thicker is the better during winter,” remember this and stay cosy!

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What color of blind will go with navy blue set up in dining area.

Blinds in Dubai

Picking the right blinds is important to coordinate with the set up of your dining room. The process may seem difficult for a naive person. But you can draw inspiration by researching ideas. 

In this guide, we will help you find the most perfect blinds that will suit your dining area that is done in navy blue.

Most people consider their kitchen as the starting point for the entire interior design of the entire home. Therefore, while working on new construction or while selecting colors for a home, the colorization scheme of the kitchen is considered first. This is because the cabinetry choice of the kitchen will have an effect on the other woods used for flooring and molding.  Next in line comes the dining room. The color  blue can be a very bold choice for setting up your dining room.

The most popular roller blinds in Dubai, is here with some interior design tips that will help you break the mold of common misconception that navy blue is not ideal for your dining room. Follow them and change the the rules!

Blinds in Dubai

Blinds in Dubai

Let the nature inspire you:

  • Inspired by Nature

It is a fact that the color blue offers a great array of shades and each hue has its own appeal. If your dining room is set up in navy blue, you can choose bling by drawing inspiration from the nature. You can go for light colors like white or cream and recreate the sky-clouds theme.  You can also choose soothing gray-sage walls. This will give the blue set up a center stage. You can go for light colored roller blinds for your Dubai home’s dining area.  The overall look will be very appealing and striking. It is also very relaxing.

  • Make a Bold Statement with Dashing Dark Beauty

This is for people who don’t really think that light colors are their statement. You can experiment with the darker and deeper variants of blue. Navy blue is a shade that can almost delve into gray or deep matte purple. Such a look can work wonders if you are looking forward to create a subtle yet sophisticated backdrop. This can make for a cozy, formal dining room. The bold background and darker shade of blinds will go very well with matching wall art and decor. Everything together can help in achieving unique architectural features.

  • A Captivating Backdrop

Gray and blue is a match made in the interior designing heaven! The combination is mesmerising and classy. You can enjoy the beauty of this classic combination by using gray blinds for your dining room done in navy blue. The blue setting will let your dining room stand out while the gray blinds add a statement.